Thursday, March 22, 2007

Passover- Kashrut Questions and Answers Regarding Baby Formula, Sugar, Rice, and Food for Live Fish

Passover- Kashrut Questions and Answers Regarding Baby Formula, Sugar, Rice, and Food for Live Fish

Lets discuss some questions on kosher products that people like to know if they can be used for Pesach. We’re talking about this year, Pesach 5763 (2003). These things obviously change from year to year. The 1st question we got this week was regarding food for live fish. Of course one is not allowed to derive pleasure from Hametz. Of course, we’re not talking about human consumption of fish food; we’re talking about feeding fish, from which we get Hannaha, (enjoyment.) So the question is which fish food could be considered permissible for Passover use. Rabbi Blumenkrantz writes in “The Laws of Pesach, A Digest 5763 (2003)”; for fresh water fish use Dry Tubular worms, freeze-dried worms, or Krill. For salt-water fish use Frozen Brine Shrimp, or frozen Krill. For tropical fish, use frozen worms or dead insects on Shabbat and Yom Tov, and on Chol Hamoed you can use dead insects. This is a deterrent if anybody is thinking about getting fish. This definitely can change your mind. The simplest idea is Matzah Meal. You take a little Matzah and you crush it a little, and you put it into the fish tank, and the fish can then sustain themselves, at least the gold fish can. That’s one way you can solve that problem.

Regarding BABY FORMULA, which is a question which ones are kosher for Passover, and which ones need Heksher for Passover. Rabbi Blumenkrantz writes the following are kosher; Advance, Allimentum, Enfamil, Enfamil Next Step, Next Step Soy, Gerber and Gerber Soy, Good Start, Isomil, Isocal, I-Soyolac Lacto-Free, Lofenlac, Nutramigen, Osterped Powder, Pregestimil, Prosoybee, Polycase, Similac, Similac Cholov Yisrael, Soyalac, Enfalac, and Polycose. Those are all the different brands.
Regarding SUGAR- All sugars are kosher for Passover. Sugar does not need an Hechsher. Therefore you can buy regular Domino sugar at $2.00 for a 5 Lb bag. You don’t have to buy the other brands. All they are doing is taking the same sugar, and they are putting it into a different wrapping, and they’re putting a different name on it and charging you 3 times the price.

Regarding RICE- Rice is kosher for Passover. When I say rice, it’s the Carolina Rice that we’ve’ been using for 50 years. It’s still kosher for Passover. Nothing has changed. However, one should be sure to check the rice 3 times. The lady of the house should check 3 times to make sure there’s no wheat. Not like some people who want to say that today we don’t have to check the rice. To the contrary. I spoke to people who check rice and they said clearly they found wheat in the rice. So this is a fact, even today there are other bi-products in the rice. So, therefore, one must check it minimally 3 times and then you can use it for Pesach.

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