Tuesday, March 20, 2007

In the early hours

In the early hours of Friday morning, 12
Adar (2 March), I awoke and performed
my morning rituals as usual. This
morning I saw something unusually clear
and precise.
I saw before me in a dream vision a rather
ornate bookshelf in what appeared to be
some type of library. This bookshelf had
only three shelves and only one book on
each of the shelves. I intuitively
recognized these as being the three
volumes of the Zohar HaKodesh (the
Vilna version of the Zohar printed in three
volumes set the standard for Zoharic page
I heard a voice tell me, take Volume Three and open it for a Goral. I knew that this was
the way I was to receive a very important message. Now, aside from the standard Vilna
version of the Zohar, I more commonly use the ten-volume Aramaic/Hebrew translation
version. I had just been studying a section belonging to the Vilna Volume Three and
asked in my dream if I could use the volume I had in mind. I was told I could.
I then awoke, knowing that I had a task to accomplish. I took the volume off the shelf
and sat with it in my lap. The way a Goral is performed is for one to first clear one’s
mind of distractions and then to ask Heaven to allow one to open the book to that place
which will contain whatever message it is that one is supposed to receive. Then one
closes one’s eyes and opens the book randomly, without any previous thought or intent.
What one seeks will be found somewhere on the two open pages.
One must then read them well, praying and asking Heaven what specifically is one
supposed to be getting out of this exercise. As one is reading, some words or another
should, as if, jump off the page and smack one cross side the head. Yes, the words
should be so touching and convincing it should be as sure as if one really was struck

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