Tuesday, March 20, 2007

in the early morning part 3

common purpose and common cause. We embrace no common destiny; we do not act
with any sense of national good. We are all a bunch of loud mouth arrogant little
soldiers each running our own little wars, without the service of a general to unite us.
Any real military commander knows that such is the recipe for massive failure and
destruction on the battlefield. Yet, share this publicly and still most will look at you with
glazed over eyes, oblivious and uncaring as to their future. Their only concern is the
pleasures and pursuit of today and now. Tomorrow is viewed as just an inconvenient
abstract that will be dealt with when it comes. There is no sense of future, no
awareness of the need to prepare, no common sense, no grasp of reality. Everyone is
in their own little world running around.
I will not waste my time and yours by discussion what we need in the national political
arena is order to bring about successful changes in society that can save us from the
brink of disaster. No one wants to listen to what I have to say, and less than no one
would ever want to carry it out. “We want Mashiah now” are such nice words, but in
truth, NO ONE wants Mashiah now, or ever! Simply said, having Mashiah come is way
too inconvenient. He will bring too many changes and frankly, the public does not like
change, especially if it is uncomfortable and requires efforts on behalf of the public.
Luckily, for us, human history is not under the direction of human hands. Our world is
being guided at the most intimate of levels. Indeed, Mashiah will come, eventually. Yet,
long before his coming to pick up the pieces of our mess, our present world order will
come to a crashing end. And all the little soldiers will all crash their little tanks and then
they will all cry because they have no more toys. Only then, will the wave come and
silence them all putting them out of their misery. Frankly, for such wayward and
undisciplined children I neither see nor want any other end for them. One must tear
down first in order to make space for the new building to arise.
This all being said and done. Let me turn my direction to address those of you who truly
want direction and instruction. While I will not be pulled into discourse about politics or
social issues, I will instead be teaching what I believe the individual needs to learn, so
that the individual can make a difference, all the while knowing that there is no collective
for the individual to join. I am forgetting the needs of the many and focusing entirely on
the needs of the one. If you are that one, then today is your “lucky day.” So now, let us
get busy and discuss some practical things you can do.
I have seen in my dreams as many others before have that it is imperative that there be
instructions made available to those who wish to make what we call the “path of
ascent.” Yet, in order for this path to be traversed properly, it is equally imperative for
one to first understand exactly what it is and what it is not.

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